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E-Krishi Pathsala

Educate farmers on the benefits and applications of technology in farming. This could include training sessions on how to use mobile apps for crop management, soil testing, and weather forecasting.


Develop user-friendly software that can help farmers manage their farms more efficiently. This could include crop management software, inventory management systems, and yield forecasting tools.


Provide mobile-based services that can help farmers access information and resources on the go. This could include SMS-based services for weather updates, crop management tips, and marketing information.

Install smart farming technologies such as sensors, drones, and IoT devices that can help farmers monitor crop health, soil moisture levels, and weather conditions in real-time.

Establish partnerships with tech companies to provide farmers with access to the latest farming technologies. This could include partnerships with companies that provide precision agriculture solutions, data analytics, and crop modeling.

By introducing technology to farmers, Bharat e-Krishi Organic Services can help improve the productivity and profitability of farmers, while also promoting sustainable and organic farming practices.

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Have questions about crops, pests, or farming techniques? Our dedicated chat is here to offer solutions. From novice gardeners to seasoned farmers, we welcome all queries. Let's nurture your knowledge, overcome challenges, and grow a thriving community. Join us in sowing the seeds of productive conversations. Chat with us today and reap the benefits of shared expertise.

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