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Bharat Krishi


Engagement and awareness of the farming community at large with superior quality of Agriculture Inputs, outputs and best in class services.

Bharat Krishi


To be a pioneer in modernizing agriculture in India and globally by adopting technology, communication and innovative practices to increase efficiency of the agricultural sector.

Organic Farming BenefitsAdvantages

Health benefits :

Organic foods are generally considered to be healthier than conventionally grown foods because they contain fewer harmful chemicals and more nutrients.

Environmental benefits:

Organic farming reduces pollution and conserves resources by using natural methods to control pests and improve soil health.

Economic benefits:

Organic farming can be more profitable for small-scale farmers because they can sell their produce at a premium price.

Social benefits:

Organic farming can promote local and sustainable food systems and help to support rural communities.

In terms of the vision for Bharat e-Krishi Organic Services, it is likely that their goal is to promote organic farming practices in India and support farmers who want to make the transition to organic methods. This could involve providing training and resources to farmers, connecting them with buyers who are interested in organic produce, and raising awareness about the benefits of organic farming among consumers. Ultimately, the aim is to create a more sustainable and healthy food system for all.

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