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Krishi Product

Krishi Product


  • Vermicompost aids in improving soil texture, porosity, structure, drainage, aeration and water holding capacity. It also prevents soil erosions, thus making it a suitable companion for home gardens.
  • The nutrients in vermicompost promote plant growth and instil the early growth of shoots and leaves.
  • A natural method to neutralise soil pH.
  • Promotes soil microbial activities, promoting growth and preventing pests, fungal and bacterial attacks.
  • Economical organic component to be used in home gardens, easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Contains useful micronutrients and macronutrients like auxins that stimulate plant cell elongation.

What is Vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is the process of converting organic soil debris into worm castings using earthworms. The worm castings are imperative to augment the fertility of the soil. The earthworm castings contain high amounts of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. The worm castings include 5 times the available nitrogen, 7 times the available potassium, and 1 ½ time more calcium than found in very fertile topsoil.

How is Vermicompost Prepared?

Seed2Plant vermicompost is prepared from leaf litters, agriculture waste, biodegradable house and rural waste, weed biomass, vegetable waste and crop residues. Vermicomposting is one of the most suitable organic farming procedures. As a natural organic fertiliser, mixing vermicompost with potting soil improves the water holding capacity of the soil. The organic fertiliser is prepared using earthworms, which converts the inbound complex organic compounds into simpler manure for plants to easily absorb. Adequate bedding, moisture, temperature and aeration is ensured during the vermicompost preparation.

Earthworms benefit by curbing the C: N (Carbon: Nitrogen) framework in the soil and facilitate the growth of useful microorganisms. Reducing carbon content will create a favourable condition for microbial activities, improving the geophysical soil properties.

How Does it Benefit?

Seed2Plant vermicompost contains: 2-3% nitrogen, 1.55-2.25% phosphorus and 1.85-2.25% potassium (NPK). NPK is essential to boost plant growth, improve root health, instil early blooming and improve strength. Vermicompost is also rich in hummus and other beneficial microbes that increase the number of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil. Vermicompost also promotes actinomycetes in the soil, which aids in creating plant growth hormone Indole-3-acetic acid. In addition, actinomycete is a biopesticide, anti-fungal agent and biocorrosion agent.

How to Use

  1.   Mix with potting mix while planting.
  2.   Apply vermicompost as fertilizer in terrace gardening after rain.
  3.   The dosage of applying vermicompost depends on the crops. For the home garden, an equal portion of vermicompost and soil is mixed along with manure. 100-200 grams per pot is the ideal dosage of vermicompost for potted plants
  4.   For fruit crops apply 5 kg of vermicompost in the soil per plant in the planted site.


Excellent, Easy to Use.


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